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Imagining a world where the power of healing
can be carried anywhere

Lucha T8 is more than a tech start-up finding new scientific applications. Pushing forward a new way of living for people, we’re working to actualize a world where everyone can live free of fatigue, pain, and stress—and instead discover more energy for their modern lives, in harmony with nature’s frequencies.

Making calmness a lifestyle

By creating a small, wearable device that anyone can wear as an accessory, our mission is to make healing and relaxation a conscious choice for our society.

Humans, becoming transmitters

Our lofty vision is to discover within humans the untapped powers of our being—to be sources of light that can transmit to those who recognize it, and be inspirations to the

"If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think about energy, vibration and frequency."

Fostering real communities

Following our mission and vision, we created a Luncha T8 community that brings people together with mindful, connective events. Having a place where people of all ages can connect over a higher quality of life and share their daily self-work, is the beginning of what we dream will be a large-scale trend.

Set to grow worldwide

As of today, Lucha is currently available in 6 markets—with set plans to grow. In the next few years, we’re determined to reach the largest markets in the world, including the USA, China and Canada.

Our experts

Lucha trenutno posluje na 10+ tržišta, sa ambicijama da se u naredne dve godine proširi i na najveća svetska tržišta poput SAD-a i Kanade.

Dr Predrag

Specialist in internal medicine
Dr sci. med. internal medicine specialist
Head of the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology KBC "Zemun"

Dr Milan Rajković

Science advisor
Scientific adviser at the Institute for Nuclear Sciences in Vinca
Professor of nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory at the University of Belgrade
Law Life Portal
Award for innovation, promotion and development in the field of "Integrative Medicine"
Belgrade, October 11th 2022.

Prizes and awards

Tesla Science Foundation Serbia
Recognition for the promotion of Nikola Tesla

for the purpose of creating a world in harmony and a constant flow of positive energy, as well as an educational system that will prepare young people to make a full contribution to common health.

Belgrade, July 2023.

Our partners

Lucha trenutno posluje na 10+ tržišta, sa ambicijama da se u naredne dve godine proširi i na najveća svetska tržišta poput SAD-a i Kanade.

Sistem CD

We are very grateful to our Lucha T8 device manufacturers.
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Our great partners for marketing have been with us for years.
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Makroni Electronics

Our partner for technology production.

Our partners helped out greatly in developing the Lucha T8 technology lead by engineer Aleksandar Markovic.
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patients recorded excellent results after 2-3 uses of the device.
aura increase after several uses of the Lucha T8 device.