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United in Purpose

Join our team of first-mover ambassadors who are spreading the awareness on Lucha T8. It takes a tribe to show the world that there’s a healthier, more sustainable way to a modern life, in sync with earth’s pulse.
Vanja Grbić
Olympic volleyball player

"When I first switched on Lucha T8, I instantly felt calm. Since then, my problem is that I can’t get enough time with the device because my whole family is always using it.”

Ceca Živojinović
Holistic development coach

"It allows me to return to myself, to calm down, and simply let thoughts flow. So I wear it in the evening, I wear it when I fly, I wear it when I’m nervous, when I’m anxious. It helps me get back to peace whenever I feel like I’m out of balance."

Aleksandra Kolarski
Founder of Alek K

"I had to get two devices to keep in the family. I first had one for my apartment, to make me feel best, but when I leave home and go meeting different people, being in traffic jams, crowds and everything else... I realized that’s really the time I need Lucha T8 most."

Tijana Dapčević

"I stopped waking up tired with a lingering feeling of exhaustion. With Lucha T8, I experience such calmness, serenity, and balance. I truly believe it helped me flourish in my business.”

Vuk Kandić
Music producer

"Four years ago, I had serious knee problems where I couldn’t straighten my leg for six months and had to schedule an operation. But once I held Lucha T8 on my knee’s sore spot, for four days straight, I literally got up on my feet.”

Dejana Stanković
Yoga instructor

"Lucha T8 has been a great support for me to feel inner balance and harmony. It’s a fantastic device that I get benefits from every time it lights up."